In April we shared the great news that we’d been filming for a Channel 5 documentary about the QE2 and we’re pleased to say that the series is now live on UK television.

We’d definitely recommend tuning in if you interested in having a look behind the scenes of the world’s most luxurious floating hotel.

Here’s a little recap of what to look out for in episode one…

The first episode looks at the refurbishment of the stunning Sun and Signal Suites. Whilst our screen debut was largely focused on the now infamous ‘racing green lamp’ incident (more on that later), it was great to see our MD – Tom, our Director of Projects – Nik, and our installations team in action getting the suites ready for their first customers.
What we loved about this episode was that it showed the dynamic nature of our team and how we quickly respond to high pressure and challenging situations. People don’t always realise that we’re often the very last people in a room or venue before it’s handed over, sometimes just a matter of hours later.

But back to the lamp…

We worked with the QE2 design team to produce the chosen lamps with a custom ‘British Racing Green’ Shade, but when the new lamps arrived on board, we realised they weren’t the exact shade of green selected. Luckily our suppliers turned this around very quickly and the result was absolutely perfect, adding an important touch to the traditional British feel of the suites, but we’re wondering if Nik is ever going to live down his starring moment with the green lamp!

What you didn’t get to see much of on screen were the other elements we supplied for the rooms. For example, we loved bringing back to life some of the ship’s original pieces, including the artwork collection and the over 50-year-old teak balcony lounge chairs. We can’t remember the last time we’ve worked with furniture with this much history – with our UAE projects, everything tends to be shiny and new! Find out more here.


VIP guests check in to give their verdict

Once a project is finished, we don’t always get to hear direct feedback from customers about their experience of using the space, whether it’s a hotel room, restaurant, mall or office. The great thing about watching the documentary was that we got to see VIP guests from the Queen Mary, the ship that took over from the QE2, check in to the suites. These people are real aficionados, so to hear them say that the new Sun and Signal suites equated to the best suites on the Queen Mary was high praise indeed.

Head to our Instagram story highlights to see our favourite clips from this episode and watch this space for more info and updates on our television debut.