For six months Truelux was involved in a significant restoration and refurbishment project on-board the world’s most iconic ship, The QE2, which is now a hotel, museum and entertainment destination here in Dubai. Working on such unique projects sometimes puts us in really unique positions and that was definitely the case with the QE2 as we became part of a documentary series filming the renovation works on the ship at its new home in the UAE.

The documentary was being filmed for Channel 5 in the UK and will be a three-part series airing in 2020 focusing on all aspects of the ships operations from the day to day maintenance of the 65 year old vessel, to the running of the hotel and restaurants, and also with a real focus on the on-going renovation works to help bring a 65 year old ship back to life.

As we were working on the refurbishment of the ship’s most high end suites on the Sun & Signal deck, along with the famous Queens Grill Restaurant, we enjoyed several days with the crew filming key stages of the project from the reviewing of sample sand mock ups, all the way through to final installation and handover.

It was definitely a new experience for the team but one we really enjoyed, and it just reinforced to us how lucky we are at times to work on such iconic world-famous projects.

Watch this space for more info on our TV debut