With vast product knowledge and many years of experience with LED lighting projects Truelux offers custom solutions to suite a diverse range of requirements. Truelux excels by utilising a 3 step understanding of project execution

Product Partners

Product partners include leading brands like ToshibaMegamanSoraaVerbatim  and ELR . This provides our customers with the range of products that is required for an array of residential, commercial and hospitality spaces. Economies of scale help to define a core principal at Truelux, the price to performance relationship continuously being at the top of the market.

Agent and reseller focus

As project specialists Truelux agents and partners are there to assist from start to finish with all types of projects. Using their local knowledge they are able to quickly and efficiently understand project requirements and recommend the best fit solutions. Whether Europe, the Middle East or Asia you will be assured that the service is maintained.

Project understanding

Understanding and tailoring each sale to the requirements of individual projects makes sure the results are perfect every time. Whether this simply be product selection, customisation or in depth calculations and proposals Truelux provides complete package.

Each and every lighting project is different and has its own unique requirements.  We have the experience to help you to plan your project and give you the best results.


Your Truelux representative or local partner can assist you in assessing your current lighting and recommending energy efficient alternatives:

  • Existing lamp audit.
  • Assesment and calculation of energy consumption.
  • Recommendation of LED replacements to suit budget.
  • Quantification of energy and financial savings.
  • On site testing and mock up.
  • Delivery and installation support.
  • Ongoing technical support.

New installations

Future projects have the opportunity to integrate energy efficient lighting from the start. Truelux has formed a specialist range of products which makes doing this simple.

  • Assessment of project requirements.
  • Planning assistance and recommendations.
  • Submission of technical documentation.
  • Samples and mock ups.
  • Installation support.
  • Ongoing technical support.