Sometimes projects come along that really mix things up here at Truelux Dubai. The ones that on paper don’t really make any sense. We do the maths by looking at the time they are going to take to design and engineer, the costs involved and the client’s budget, and usually everything about them screams ‘don’t do it’ but we always find ourselves excited to give them a go as they really get the creative juices flowing.

Some of the best examples of these can be seen on our website and socials, including:

  • Our custom made crazy golf course and giant size foot pool table for The Galleria Mall in Abu Dhabi:
  • Custom designed and manufactured CCTV and WIFI poles for Atlantis the Palm Dubai:
  • A 2-metre long glass pourer bottle for OPA Dubai:
  • Supplying and then Illuminating a range of outdoor plastic animals for Emaar Boulevard:

The thing is, we love a challenge and really enjoy getting our teeth into these kind of jobs. Mainly because they are typically projects that our clients know are going to take thought, creativity, design and engineering skill, something that is right up Truelux’s street. After 11 years of operation here in Dubai, it’s nice to know that we are top of our clients’ minds for these kind of exciting and unique projects. It shows that we are doing a lot of things right within the more mainstream projects we take on, so that we spring to mind when some more ‘out of the box’ thought is required.

In all of these instances, the design phase on the job has gone from an idea to a sketch to a detailed drawing and finished product, right here in our office and all delivered by our team. That shows both us and our clients that we really can deliver anything that comes our way.

Going through such detailed design processes definitely benefits us on our more ‘typical’ projects, as they test certain boundaries and ensure we look at things from multiple angles. Our in-house design and engineering capabilities improve, our links to more local bespoke manufacturing partners has increased and our internal collaboration within the office has also benefited. All of this helps drive Truelux forward.

Some of the new suppliers we have come across when working on these types of projects are now assisting us in other areas. For example the same metal fabricator we first worked with to produce our Crazy Golf Course has since worked with us on multiple lighting and FF&E projects, and the glass supplier we found to make our huge pourer bottle can also assist on lighting jobs moving forward.

All in all, these types of creative jobs might not come along every day and they might not make us a lot of money, but sometimes the non-financial benefits outweigh the bottom dollar and we will always look forward to the next challenge.