In April 2016 The Truelux Group sponsored its first ever corporate event through becoming a key name sponsor at the ‘2016 Big Project Corporate Golf Day’ This was the first dedicated event we had got involved in and the decision to take part and invest in the event was a tricky one to make.

For any growing company the need to invest in coordinated marketing and promotional efforts is essential but finding the right kind of event to get involved in creates a difficult selection process. We are constantly contacted by different exhibitors, trade shows and networking seminars telling us that their event brings the ‘leading decision makers in our industry together’ only to find when attending as a visitor that they seem to fall flat and not really fulfill their purpose of introducing companies to potential clients, suppliers and long term partners.

For any business getting this selection right is essential as the overall costs involved for all of these types of events are high when factoring the event itself, potential stand build costs and then associated travel and social expenses its an important decision that can have a knock on effect in regards to future marketing activities.

There seems to be a generic feel to all trade shows and exhibitions these days with people going through the motions and attending out of routine and potentially instruction rather than a feeling of wanting to really see what’s going on in the industry and meet new people, suppliers and future contacts. Due to this when deciding on the type of event to participate in we looked at what we would like to get out of it an what would determine whether it was a success or not.

Due to this we really wanted to do something within a non-typical corporate environment to better suite our overall working philosophy to try and show what The Truelux Group is all about. The day itself was organized by CPI Media Group who runs the biggest construction magazine in the region ‘Big Project ME’. The magazine focuses on all regional construction projects with a focus on the hospitality and commercial sectors that fall directly into our key customer base.

The event brings suppliers together to sponsor certain key packages such as Branded T shirts, Caps, Balls, Boot Bags, Towels and even a pack lunch bag and If you then attend you get a free round of golf on a championship course with all of the above thrown in. For the sponsors you can cherry pick playing partners for the day and then your table for the post event awards and networking dinner to ensure you are in the company of potential clients and key contacts.

The benefit of using an organizer such as CPI is down their subscription levels and ‘little black book’ as they have direct access to very senior decision makers and have a stringent selection process for the day to ensure sponsors maximize the opportunity to spend time with attendees who can influence those sponsors being awarded future contracts and projects.

For us this format worked very well as we got to spend longer with a smaller group of people in a relaxed environment doing something we all enjoy. The promotional aspect of the event was great, as we had branded, flags, banner and holes along with all players taking away a Truelux Callaway Golf Cap. The best opportunity to arise from the event was to be automatically prequalified by one of the UAE biggest contracting and interiors firms and we have continued to work with them ever since.

Fast forward to 2020 and we have now sponsored 6 events across the contractors and consultants’ format and become part of the furniture with the organizers and attendees (excuse the pun) and long may that continue.

Outside of the sponsored events we are always open to a round of golf and have a couple of nice friendly competitions on the go with some key clients. ‘Losers buy the dinner and drinks’ and we always make sure we lose.